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Good day, all! I’ve been absent due to travel and then illness, but I am slowly getting back into the groove.

The directive this week was to incorporate paint drips on your page. As you can see, there aren’t many paint drips on my page. I did try to follow the directions, but I didn’t like how it turned out so I covered most of the drips up!

Part of the paint drip issue for me was that I already had a page started and the drips just didn’t work with the page.

I think the dark blue drips were a bit overwhelming, so I tried to tone them down with a bit of gold paint but the gold didn’t want to follow the same path as the blue.

Then I tried to use my Adirondack Paint Dabbers and found all of them dried up! I was so mad. I bought them about two years ago and I’ve never even used them! I had the same thing happen with the Adirondack markers, too.

I had to resort to plan B: an old sponge dipped into acrylic paint.

To finish the page off, I found a quote on the internet which really spoke to me. And so I am done!