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Here is what I have to show for myself this week. So far I am doing good on my resolution to work regularly in my art journal.

Here’s what I started with, umm…a year ago. **shuffles in chair shamefully**

I had a fallen ginkgo leaf I collected from the sidewalk from a trip to Philly a while back. I used acrylic medium to coat it and secure it into my book. I glued a few pieces of scraps from guest book orders I had been working on, and then lightly painted over them. And that was it for about a year!

Revisiting the page, I doodled some flowers, made a pocket with a tag, and glued some excerpts from an old paperback book of Shakespeare’s sonnets and poems. I’m funny about tearing up books, but this one was falling apart so I didn’t feel as bad about helping it along.

I thought the leaf resembled a fan and started out drawing an Oriental woman behind it, but she gradually started morphing into a self-portrait. So this is what I would look like if I were half Oriental!

I don’t always get around to working in my art journal on a daily basis, but I want to have some progress made by the end of each week. Sounds reasonable, right? Posting here will hopefully keep me accountable!