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I realize it’s only January and I have at least 3 full months of cold weather yet to endure. Being a summer gal, this is tough for me. It was in the upper 40’s today and I’m in two pairs of leggings–the bottom layer spandex the outer layer is velvet-like. I have on a long sleeved shirt, plus a fleece sweatshirt, and some wooly-Ugg-type boots. It’s 71 degrees in my studio, yet my hands are icy cold and my nose is dripping. I’m pathetic, I know.

I really think I belong in the Bahamas. To console myself I am thinking about spring.

Here is a spring-themed book I made out of colored paper bags. I made this about five years ago, long before I ever heard of art journaling.

This is a simple book to make. Just layer several paper bags on top of one another, fold in half, and make a pamphlet stitch down the middle.

I also made poetry cards which slip inside the openings at the top of the bags. You can pull them out using the ribbons I attached to them.

It’s interesting to see how one’s art changes over time. If I did this same project now, I’d be scribbling all over the pages, but back then it never occurred to me to do that!

I think I’ve found a lot more freedom in my art. I’ve given myself permission to mess up and not to analyze it to death.

You can see from the photos above how everything is just so. I’m sure I agonized over the placement of each element! It turned out nicely and I’m pleased with it, but the process for me today would be different.

Have you seen any changes in your art as you’ve progressed in your quest?