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I held out getting a scoring board for a long time because I thought, “Like I really need yet another tool to clutter up my studio!” I have a scoring blade on my Fiskars paper trimmer and didn’t see the need to buy a separate tool just for scoring.

Fiskars trimmer

However…I started noticing inaccuracies in my score lines using the Fiskars paper trimmer. The track on which the blade runs is plastic and tends to bow in the center, giving me a slight wave to my score line. The same thing happens with the cutting blade also.

I do a lot of scoring and decided to give Martha’s scoring board a try. I absolutely love it! The small amount of space it takes up in my studio is well worth it.

The score lines are crisp and accurate as long as you pull the bone folder straight back. I had a couple of mishaps where I skipped across the paper because I wasn’t standing directly in front of the board and pulled at an angle.

You control the amount of pressure, so when scoring a thin sheet of paper you won’t cut through it (like I’ve done before using the Fiskars scoring blade).

I found my Martha Stewart Scoring Board at A.C. Moore on sale for $12. It has a scoring area of 12×12″, and features a bone folder and a cool envelope template which I had occasion to use when making my Christmas cards.

Stampin Up Score Board

Stampin Up also has a scoring board. It’s a little bigger than Martha’s, measuring about 15×13. It doesn’t have an envelope template, but it does have neat little place markers along the top if you use a particular measurement a lot.

In summary, if you do any scoring at all I would highly recommend purchasing a scoring board. This product gets a thumbs up from me!