Weekly Art Journal Post: Piggly Wiggly


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Here is a silly page with a long story–

Don’t worry, I’ll give you the abbreviated version!

I started this page last summer while on vacation. A sale flyer arrived in the mail for the Piggly Wiggly, which is a grocery store chain. The first time I heard the name Piggly Wiggly I laughed, thinking my cousin made the name up. She is rather funny and likes to make up nicknames for things. The sad reality is the grocery store chain really IS called Piggly Wiggly.

Anyhow, this page kicked my butt for a long time. Over the months I kept going back to it, first I painting it red and blue, then orange, then gray, then white…nothing looked right. The pig just wasn’t cohesive with the theme I was going for.

I finally gave up and just pasted whatever images were laying around on my worktable. Then I doodled around the page with paint markers and stamped the lobsters, and so, I am done! (A year later!)


Weekly Art Journal Post


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Hmmm…it seems my weekly art journal posts are turning into monthly posts.  I have been so busy filling orders for my Etsy shop I have no time or energy left for art journaling, which makes my creative muse very sad. 😦

The good news however, is that I managed to finish up an art journal page this week to submit to my art journaling group.

Here it is in process. I painted a background of pumpkin orange and sienna brown. Then I started gluing down random bits of paper and images.

The Postmaster General was drawn by my talented little guy. The subject matter is a bit odd for a youngster, but he is a history buff and loves US Presidents. His “research” led him to discover other political offices and appointments, including the Postmaster General.

That being said, I went with the postage theme, finding post-related stamps and images.

I decided to incorporate the art journal group’s theme of using Distress Inks (by Tim Holtz, Ranger Industries) into this partially finished page.

I sponged Vintage Photo Distress Ink over the page. Then I FINALLY opened the jar of Distress Crackle paint I bought two years ago and applied it over the green paper.

I’m so bad about that–I find cool art supplies and then hoard them in my cabinet until they dry up. I guess that’s the “Secrets” part of the page. All the secrets I have in my cabinets!

Weekly Art Journal Post


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I have been missing in action for the last several weeks and am suffering the withdrawals from art journaling! We went to Disney World and then I got bronchitis upon my return. That’s two weeks of excuses. Then I got swamped in my Etsy shop, so there’s the third excuse. Ultimately though, I have no excuse. I just didn’t feel like it and then when I felt better I didn’t make it a priority.

Okay, I’m done with my confession now!

Spring is here in North Carolina and the trees are in bloom. I adore the warmer weather and the lovely blooms, but this means pollen = sneezing and coughing for me. Blech.

This week’s theme is spring. We have a bird making a nest in a vent in the side of our house, but she’s not as pretty as this little yellow bird on my page. I was thrilled to find a yellow and black feather in my nature collection to coordinate with the bird!

Another found object from my collection is a piece of Crape Myrtle bark. I had a heck of a time getting it to stick down but finally conquered it.

I was drawn to the lady in this picture because of her studious look with her glasses. I’m getting to the age now where my eyes aren’t what they used to be and I fear glasses will be in my near future. I hope to look as glamorous as she does in my glasses!

The Seashore Weekly Art Journal Post


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Good day, all! I’ve been absent due to travel and then illness, but I am slowly getting back into the groove.

The directive this week was to incorporate paint drips on your page. As you can see, there aren’t many paint drips on my page. I did try to follow the directions, but I didn’t like how it turned out so I covered most of the drips up!

Part of the paint drip issue for me was that I already had a page started and the drips just didn’t work with the page.

I think the dark blue drips were a bit overwhelming, so I tried to tone them down with a bit of gold paint but the gold didn’t want to follow the same path as the blue.

Then I tried to use my Adirondack Paint Dabbers and found all of them dried up! I was so mad. I bought them about two years ago and I’ve never even used them! I had the same thing happen with the Adirondack markers, too.

I had to resort to plan B: an old sponge dipped into acrylic paint.

To finish the page off, I found a quote on the internet which really spoke to me. And so I am done!

Weekly Art Journal Post


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This page was a challenge for me. The groups’ directive this week was to use tape as a design element on your page. As many art supplies as I have, believe it or not, I do not have any decorative tape. So I used what I had–masking tape.

This spread started out over a year ago as a color experiment. I used a paint chip from the hardware store as inspiration for my color scheme. But of course, the page needed MORE!

I found a quote I liked by George Washington about friendship, which became the theme for my page. Then I looked for an image of George in my magazine clipping files and found this reproduction postage stamp.

I started taping and gluing and then went over my additions with a light coat of unbleached gesso.

I haven’t decided if the page is done, but I worked in my art journal! Yay for me! 🙂

Art Journal Page Ginkgo Leaf


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Here is what I have to show for myself this week. So far I am doing good on my resolution to work regularly in my art journal.

Here’s what I started with, umm…a year ago. **shuffles in chair shamefully**

I had a fallen ginkgo leaf I collected from the sidewalk from a trip to Philly a while back. I used acrylic medium to coat it and secure it into my book. I glued a few pieces of scraps from guest book orders I had been working on, and then lightly painted over them. And that was it for about a year!

Revisiting the page, I doodled some flowers, made a pocket with a tag, and glued some excerpts from an old paperback book of Shakespeare’s sonnets and poems. I’m funny about tearing up books, but this one was falling apart so I didn’t feel as bad about helping it along.

I thought the leaf resembled a fan and started out drawing an Oriental woman behind it, but she gradually started morphing into a self-portrait. So this is what I would look like if I were half Oriental!

I don’t always get around to working in my art journal on a daily basis, but I want to have some progress made by the end of each week. Sounds reasonable, right? Posting here will hopefully keep me accountable!




My resolution this year is to find more time to work on my art. I get so caught up in making books and filling orders for guest books in my Etsy shop that I don’t leave myself any time to play. My creative muse gets sad and cranky!

Here is a page I started at least a year ago and let it sit unfinished in my art journal.

I added the little thumbnail drawing of the carp in the pond during a trip. The inspiration came from art hanging in my hotel room.

The quote came months later, courtesy of my friend who regularly posts quotes on her Facebook page.

As part of a challenge group I joined, I decided to finally finish the page and submit it. And here it is! Such a good feeling to have completed the page!

Recycling Christmas cards



And I don’t mean send them to someone else next year! Ha ha.


No, I thought of a way to preserve them in my art journal by cutting out images from the cards to use on my pages. So if you sent me a card and see it in the photos, please don’t be mad that I cut it up! 😉


I am a punch fanatic and have a large collection of them…in fact I just bought a heart-shaped punch today. When I got tired of cutting I started punching!


I think I have enough fodder for an entire art journal now!

Thinking Spring (yes, already!)


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I realize it’s only January and I have at least 3 full months of cold weather yet to endure. Being a summer gal, this is tough for me. It was in the upper 40’s today and I’m in two pairs of leggings–the bottom layer spandex the outer layer is velvet-like. I have on a long sleeved shirt, plus a fleece sweatshirt, and some wooly-Ugg-type boots. It’s 71 degrees in my studio, yet my hands are icy cold and my nose is dripping. I’m pathetic, I know.

I really think I belong in the Bahamas. To console myself I am thinking about spring.

Here is a spring-themed book I made out of colored paper bags. I made this about five years ago, long before I ever heard of art journaling.

This is a simple book to make. Just layer several paper bags on top of one another, fold in half, and make a pamphlet stitch down the middle.

I also made poetry cards which slip inside the openings at the top of the bags. You can pull them out using the ribbons I attached to them.

It’s interesting to see how one’s art changes over time. If I did this same project now, I’d be scribbling all over the pages, but back then it never occurred to me to do that!

I think I’ve found a lot more freedom in my art. I’ve given myself permission to mess up and not to analyze it to death.

You can see from the photos above how everything is just so. I’m sure I agonized over the placement of each element! It turned out nicely and I’m pleased with it, but the process for me today would be different.

Have you seen any changes in your art as you’ve progressed in your quest?

Product Review: Scoring Board by Martha Stewart


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I held out getting a scoring board for a long time because I thought, “Like I really need yet another tool to clutter up my studio!” I have a scoring blade on my Fiskars paper trimmer and didn’t see the need to buy a separate tool just for scoring.

Fiskars trimmer

However…I started noticing inaccuracies in my score lines using the Fiskars paper trimmer. The track on which the blade runs is plastic and tends to bow in the center, giving me a slight wave to my score line. The same thing happens with the cutting blade also.

I do a lot of scoring and decided to give Martha’s scoring board a try. I absolutely love it! The small amount of space it takes up in my studio is well worth it.

The score lines are crisp and accurate as long as you pull the bone folder straight back. I had a couple of mishaps where I skipped across the paper because I wasn’t standing directly in front of the board and pulled at an angle.

You control the amount of pressure, so when scoring a thin sheet of paper you won’t cut through it (like I’ve done before using the Fiskars scoring blade).

I found my Martha Stewart Scoring Board at A.C. Moore on sale for $12. It has a scoring area of 12×12″, and features a bone folder and a cool envelope template which I had occasion to use when making my Christmas cards.

Stampin Up Score Board

Stampin Up also has a scoring board. It’s a little bigger than Martha’s, measuring about 15×13. It doesn’t have an envelope template, but it does have neat little place markers along the top if you use a particular measurement a lot.

In summary, if you do any scoring at all I would highly recommend purchasing a scoring board. This product gets a thumbs up from me!